Four Wedding Songs so Over-Used They Should be Avoided

wedding songs

You may be wondering why we are talking about beautiful, memorable, popular wedding songs that should be avoided but this is a prime example of too much of a good thing. It is like when you love a new song that just started playing on the radio stations and then after a few weeks of […]

25 Things to Remember About Wedding Planning

wedding planning

There are many different things that you have to think about and plan around when it comes to the wedding planning process. This is common knowledge, but among all the details and topics there are some key things that need to be addressed. Here at Cashmere Dreams, we are all about helping brides and grooms […]

Seating Plans for Your Wedding

seating plans

If you need to create a seating chart for a wedding, don’t panic! We here at Cashmere Dreams have years of experience helping couples just like you get the best seating plans worked out for their wedding day. Here we’ve answered your most pressing seating chart questions all to help make this challenging part of wedding planning […]