Baby Shower

When a woman is expecting a baby then her closed ones plan to throw a party, which shows their joy upon the arrival of the newborn. Before planning a baby shower you must confirm the gender of the baby so you can choose the theme of the decorations accordingly.

For a baby boy the color you will choose is going to be blue and all the decorations will be in a way, which reflects that a boy is expected. Likewise, for a baby girl you would choose pink as your theme. Availing the services of an experienced event planner from Cashmere Dreams will help you run your event smoothly. Cashmere Dreams excels at planning the best baby shower for you. We help you carry off the baby shower event to its best, we offer:

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Design Layout and Decorations

What makes our services stand out are the eye-catching themed decorations that are customized to your exact vision.  We take full consideration of your input so we can align our expertise with your expectations.  Along with that, we provide fancy customized designs and centerpiences that you can give your guests or buy, all with a very reasonable budget.

Beautiful Places

In the planning of having a baby shower, the best location is considered to be the priority. Often the couple gets confused between choosing what will be the ideal place. Don’t Worry Now! We have a list of unique and beautiful places according to the weather conditions to make your event the most memorable one.

Special Parties

If it were your first baby, you would want your baby shower to be the most special one. With Cashmere, you get the most out of the box ideas for your special party! We arrange special occasions such as baby shower in the most memorable way you can imagine.


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Cashmere Dreams is a new and vibrant wedding and event company in Columbia, SC. Providing exceptional service is our goal to work diligently to make your dream wedding come true. The entire planning process will be stress-free for you and your soon to be husband.

  Having a Certified Wedding Planner will go a long way in helping you enjoy your wedding day a bit more. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions to make your event splendidly memorable.

Cashmere dreams take pride in arranging events for you the way you have always dreamt it, whether the occasion is a wedding, birthday party or a sweet 16 celebration. We can take care of your event, so you can sit back, relax and spend time making your own preparations for your special event. We are splendid to make your events memorable, arranging dream events is our specialty. Contact us and lets have a chat!

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