Sweet 16

Of course birthday parties are important and regarded with enthusiasm but you do not want to miss out on celebrating the 16 th birthday of teens. The 16 th year is also known as “sweet 16” because at this point a child reaches young adulthood. Along with this age come initial responsibilities like increased level of education, getting driver’s license, pursuing and working towards a specific career so it can be quite hard for someone who just has been exposed to all these responsibilities for the first time in life. Throwing a party can be a good way to celebrate this milestone. For such events, planners at Cashmere Dreams first inquire about the likes and hobbies of the person for whom the party is being held. This
helps in deciding the theme of the party. For example if that person is a sports fan them the decoration will be with a theme of his favorite sport or team.

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Decurations and gift boxes

Whether you are one who is giving a birthday party or you are invited to ones sweet 16. Giving special gifts is one part of celebration we help you make the beautiful day more beautiful with the decorations following your desired theme and help you make the special gift boxes for the special one or even guests.

Beautiful places

The celebration gets livelier if the place is wisely chosen according to the event. Amongst many places on our panel we let our client choose the best place according to their budget comfort. We take care ofeverything linked to the event the most importantly the beautiful place is one dream come true for your event.

Special Cakes for guest

Celebrating 16 th birthday is a new trend with the amazing birthday cake with themed giveaways and treats for guests. To make this dream a reality for one, Cashmere Dreams is one of the best event planner that doesn’t only takes care of your preference but is also experienced enough to cater the guests, thus we provide special treats and cakes for guests as well.

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Cashmere Dreams is a new and vibrant wedding and event company in Columbia, SC. Providing exceptional service is our goal to work diligently to make your dream wedding come true. The entire planning process will be stress-free for you and your soon to be husband.

 Having a Certified Wedding Planner will go a long way in helping you enjoy your wedding day a bit more. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We will be happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions to make your event splendidly memorable.

Cashmere dreams take pride in arranging events for you the way you have always dreamt it, whether the occasion is a wedding, birthday party or a sweet 16 celebration. We can take care of your event, so you can sit back, relax and spend time making your own preparations for your special event. We are splendid to make your events memorable, arranging dream events is our specialty. Contact us and lets have a chat!

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