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Looking forward to create vibrant and enjoyable events? Look no more! Being a leading boutique and bespoke event planning company, Cashmere Dreams creates valuable client managed experience that begins and ends with you. Whatever the reason you are celebrating, our event planning in Lexington service is dedicated to professionalism. We capture your dreams and bring them to life for you.

Our event planner Lexington SC services include client-oriented wedding plan, birthday party design, baby shower management, retirement party preparation, theming, accessories and guidance. Whether you require full-service or want custom consultation at any stage of planning, Lexington event planner is here for you, every step of the way. 

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From Ceremony To After-Party

Wedding Planning In Lexington

The word ‘wedding’ sounds amusing. But ‘planning’ does not. No matter how good of a designer and stylist you are, no matter where you are getting married, Cashmere Dreams understands that wedding planning takes a toll on everyone. The reason why we offer creative and dynamic wedding planning in Lexington support that does not only assist you from the very beginning but with overall design and vision of your big day and experienced coordination at the end to guarantee that your big day goes smoothly.

Having Lexington wedding planner on board ensures that you wake up on your big day with a big smile on your face and ready to celebrate the day like you deserve to be celebrated and cherished. Wedding planner Lexington SC helps you from choosing the ideal venue, capture your style objective, book the region’s desirable vendors and conjure your logistics. We assist you to stay on track, manage your schedule, streamline your invitations and share our expertise and professional advice because we have successfully done this before.

Themed Sweet 16 Décor And Ideas

Want to celebrate your teenager’s sweet 16 with a bash? It takes a lot of work to throw a great and overwhelming sweet 16 party but fret not! Cashmere Dreams is here to make the day easy for you so you and your teenager can have a memorable birthday party. From themed cakes to chic decorations to delicious party foods and more, sweet 16 planner in Lexington creates a standout event so that you receive everything you dream of.

Our Lexington sweet 16 planners guarantee a wholesome ‘coming out’ ceremony for your boy or girl via our extraordinary insight. We aim to create everlasting memories for our customers, their teenagers and guests. 

Trustworthy and all-inclusive rental services in Lexington

Cashmere Dreams is a leading wedding and event planner company across Lexington. We bring over hundred celebrations and occasions to life every year. And to achieve so, we offer a variety of rental products such as throne chairs, chair covers, love tables, baby tables and other party decorations and necessities.


We are a family-oriented company that takes pride in exceptional style, innovation and outstanding service. We aim to launch exclusive new items that set your parties apart from every other regular party. For free consultations and suggestions, give us a call now and book a session!

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Great & Memorable Birthday Parties

Want to throw a surprise birthday party to your loved one? You are the right place. Cashmere Dreams offer custom-themed birthday parties to make your kids special day memorable and beautiful or your loved ones a day to remember. Our innovative birthday party planner in Lexington delivers new and amazing alternatives to design exclusive events according to your taste and mood. We take time to understand your likes and dislikes and guarantee that your goes as smooth as possible.

Our enthusiastic Lexington birthday party planner deliver new and amazing alternatives for creative cookies tables, enjoyable games and gorgeous handmade toys. We strive to bring a smile on your face via our unique and personalized birthday party themes tailored to the birthday boy or girl’s dreams and your guests. We take care of everything to help you sit back and enjoy, as we love listening to the happy chants of children saying, “That was the best birthday bash ever”.

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Reputed Retirement Party Planners

Need help celebrating a friend’s, co-worker’s or a loved one’s retirement party? Well, why shouldn’t you? Throwing a retirement party is a thoughtful and enjoyable way of celebrating the retiree both as an employee and a person. Cashmere Dreams understands that the occasion marks the greatest milestone of a retiree’s life and should be commemorated in a memorable way. Our retirement party planner in Lexington guarantees that no detail is overlooked while you are hosting this special occasion.


Our Lexington retirement party planners know that there are a whole lot of aspects to hosting and planning a great party, and you may have a ton of questions when it comes to style, décor and design. You may not know where to begin but know that our retirement party planner Lexington SC is here to eliminate every unease associated with planning a retirement party.

Baby Shower Planning And Decoration

No matter you are awaiting the arrival of a new baby boy or a baby girl, Cashmere Dreams understands that this is one of the most magical times in a couple’s life, marked by excitement, thrill and joy. And so, we believe that this life-altering event should be celebrated in a delightful and memorable way. Our baby showers planning in Lexington service guarantees to push back your apprehensions via exclusive options for every sort of baby shower.
No matter you are looking forward to a casual or an extravagant party, a gender reveal celebration or a naming ceremony bash, our expert Lexington baby shower planner perfectly transform your dreams to a living reality. Baby showers planner Lexington strives to create a hassle-free and stress-free experience. From small gatherings to large occasions, we make sensational baby themes to deliver an exceptional and beautiful celebration. We understand the value of your time and assure to exceed your expectations.

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