Tips for Finding the Best Diamond Ring

Engagements are a wonderful occasion and though there is stress and anxiety leading up to that event, it is a wonderful moment when they say the words ‘I will marry you.’ One of the most stressful moments leading up to the actual proposal is finding and deciding upon...

Unique Ideas for a Memorable Honeymoon

Many brides have beautiful visions and plans in their mind for their honeymoon and most of them include a tropical get away and travel to other countries far from home. And while there is nothing wrong with this, honeymoons don’t have to be like this if this is not...

How to Choose a Baby Shower Planner

Be it wedding and engagements to birthdays, stage performances and conferences too, the list of happenings that event planners are held responsible for is truly endless. Did we mention the all-time favorite baby shower too? Yes, you heard that right, baby showers have...

Wedding Dress Accessories for the Perfect Wedding Day Look

While the dress is of course the star of the wedding day attire for the bride-to-be, there are many other accessories that need to be thought of and carefully planned out before the big day arrives. Between jewelry, shoes, veils and other pieces, there can be an...

Surprising Ways a Wedding Planner can Help Your Wedding

“Every year in the United States, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings. The United States wedding industry was estimated to be worth $53.4 billion as of 2013” (CNN). It is little wonder why so many brides today feel stressed out when it comes to planning their...

Popular Party Themes in South Carolina

We here at Cashmere Dreams know a lot about weddings but that is not all we are known and respected for throughout all of South Carolina- we also know a thing or two about throwing a great party!  Whether you are planning a party for a special event like a retirement...

Fun Facts About Weddings and Honeymoons

Everyone loves a big wedding and everything that it entails. Weddings, honeymoons, and romantic tourism are big business—and the statistics prove it. If you have ever wondered how your wedding plans compare to the grand scheme of weddings that take place every year...

Four Most Crucial Decisions You Have to Make for Your Wedding Day

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day and while no one would argue that there is a lot of planning that goes into a great wedding, there is some debate as to what the biggest decisions are. Here at Cashmere Dreams, we have helped many couples plan their dream...

Finding the Right Jewelry Accessories for Your Wedding Dress

Once you find the right dress for your wedding you need to think about the jewelry you will wear on your big day. Finding the look that is just right is all about balance and feeling comfortable and beautiful during your special day. The most beautiful wedding...

Find the Perfect Flowers For Your Wedding Day

As you plan your special day there is a lot that has to be taken care of and many different things that need your attention and consideration. For many brides-to-be the flowers they use on their wedding day is a big part of the puzzle. But it is also one of the areas...

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings Buying Guide

Buying engagement rings and wedding rings is an exciting time for any couple. However, like many aspects of the wedding  planning, it can also cause some stress and apprehension for the couple-to-be. Most couples spend at least 10% of their entire wedding budget on...

10 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life and the same holds true while you are planning your wedding, so try not to worry about it too much, Th important thing is to try and make as few mistakes as possible and to make those mistakes small ones rather than big ones....

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