“By definition, rustic is an adjective used for things related to the countryside. In the wedding industry, “Rustic” is being applied to weddings that pay tribute to the great outdoors either through an outdoor venue or by incorporating tons of natural or nature-inspired elements” (What Does Rustic Even Mean?). This is a popular trend that is being used by more and more couples who are looking for a beautiful wedding without having to go all out with the fancy décor and expensive venues.  If you are thinking about a rustic themed wedding, the wedding experts at Cashmere Dreams can help you plan a beautiful ceremony for your special day!

The Rise of the Rustic Trend

Because there is such a strong push to go green and the recent focus on the global climate crisis, many people are beginning to take a second look at how their choices affect the environment. Weddings can be a major source of waste and needless excess so a growing number of couples are feeling challenged to be more environmentally minded when planning their wedding. As a result, there has been a movement towards more earth-friendly weddings in terms of sourcing local products, reducing waste, and reusing items during and after the ceremony. Rustic weddings focus on a natural look and feel, using local and seasonal flowers and products, working with local businesses for things like food and music and photography, and using as little as possible to avoid waste and reduce the carbon footprint the wedding ceremony makes.

How Do I Plan a Rustic Wedding?

Just like any other wedding, every wedding is as unique as the couple getting married. With rustic weddings, there are many ways you can go with your décor, venue, seating, and the ceremony itself. One of the biggest appeals of a rustic theme is you can make it into whatever you want and add your own personal touch and flare easily.  However, there are three categories that a rustic wedding will likely fall into:

  • Country cowboy style– this is yet another rustic wedding theme that is becoming popular among couples today. Essentially, a wedding with this theme and focus is like throwing a large dressed-down party for close friends and family. It is laid back, focuses on the people rather than accessory items, and canters around a barbecue or cookout food and lots of dancing.
  • Shabby chic– this rustic movement features more of an upscale approach to an outdoor wedding. This is a style that uses natural elements that create a traditional or old-timey feel to your wedding. Some of the more common elements you may see include lace, chalkboards, old fashion fabrics and patterns, lots of wood, old fashioned glassware, and much more.
  • Eco-friendly– if the soon-to-be-couple wants the focus of their wedding to be more about their new life and the celebration of love and love for the planet then this is the theme they will likely end up choosing. Rather than the wedding turning into a show of how much money they spent, this rustic option features focuses on the idea of less being more.

Cashmere Dreams Makes the Dream Come True

If you are getting ready for a wedding, it can be difficult to know what theme is the best fit for you and your special day, especially if you are leaning towards a rustic theme. We here at Cashmere Dreams are ready to help you with every aspect of wedding planning and budget planning. So, call us today and let us help you plan the perfect rustic wedding!