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Do you have a special event coming up? Do you want to throw a big party? Are you stressed about creating a whole event yourself? Well, fret no more! With Cashmere dreams Columbia event planners, gone one are the days when you had to worry about planning beautiful and fun-filled celebrations.

Whatever the reason for celebration, event planner in Columbia helps you plan an awesome, stylish and fun party. Whether you want to celebrate a wedding, throw a birthday party, commemorate a retiree’s years as a hard working employee or surprise your dear ones (mom-to-be) by creating a memorable baby shower, we offer the highest standard of event planning in Columbia that ensure the delivery of a unique and personalized celebration via the utilization of our decades of experience and expertise. We do not leave any edge unturned, to be the best event planner Columbia, SC.

Enduring Wedding Planners In Columbia

Who does not want to make their wedding a uniquely delightful and memorable event? Hiring an expert wedding planner who manages everything from planning to composition, further more the management of your big day enabling you to create once in a lifetime event. At Cashmere Dreams, we offer our expertise and skills to not just plan your wedding but also plan your emotions, love and happiness with your friends and family.
If you are looking for wedding planning in Columbia services, then this the perfect place for you. We plan an enchanting and intimate ceremony for you and your partner to take your vows in a beautiful and awe-inspiring place. Regardless if you want to plan a traditional church wedding or you are a fan of outdoor-weddings, handle your worries to us and we will perfectly transform them into a beautiful reality.

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Incomparable Baby Shower Planner In Columbia

Want Whether you are expecting the arrival of a new baby boy or a baby girl, this is a life-altering event of your life. At Cashmere Dreams, we are of the opinion that memorable events in your life should be celebrated in a memorable yet enjoyable way. Baby shower planning in Columbia is one of our expertise and we strive hard to fulfill the little details that you hand over to us.
No matter you want to throw a surprise party or a small intimate gathering where you and your partner can reveal the gender of your baby or celebrate a naming day, hiring our experts at event organizing in Columbia for your baby shower event is a big ease to you. We take pride in specializing in pulling off the requirements and expectations by an event. Considering baby shower and so, we jump through hoops and over loops to create a stunning event for mommy-to-be where she can celebrate with her friends, family and loved ones. 

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Celebrate One-Of-A-Kind Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party is an exhausting task, coming up to every individuals expectations is not a set criteria because birthday preferences vary from one person to another. But don’t worry, Cashmere Dreams, take time to understand your dreams and idea, capture your style and imagination and create a perfect and unforgettable experience for you.

We take charge of everything from cake to themes to décor to style and offer other options such as fun games, handmade pinatas and toys for your children. We set up delicious desert tables, gift tables and fun treats for everyone.
That one-day of the year when you’re born needs to be celebrated with joy, we help you achieve just the right amount of fun being easy on pockets in Columbia.

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Add Some Spice To Your Sweet 16

Are you the proud parents of a child who is soon going to be 16? Or are you the best friends who wish to commemorate your friend’s 16th birthday party with a huge blast? No matter what you are looking for, a big fancy occasion or a small intimate event, Cashmere Dreams guarantees that your desires are transformed into reality via the execution of amazing service.

Whether you already have a theme in mind or you are looking for someone to begin from the scratch, Columbia sweet 16 planner ensure that your day is not only going to be memorable but filled with fun and enjoyment. Sweet 16 planning in Columbia is one of our major expertise and a result of years of experience and hard work, so we do not leave any stone unturned to create a personalized event for you.

Amazing Retirement Party Planners

Retirement parties are known to be the end of ones services at a firm, but this doesn’t have to be boring, it needs a celebration for ones dedicated allegiances. At Cashmere Dreams, we offer the best retirement party planning in Columbia. We are proud of having an innovative team of professionals who take your ideas and do not only plan them in a strategic way but also execute them in a flawless manner.

If you are looking forward to throw a retirement party to your family member, friend, or colleague, Columbia retirement party planner is always ready to style your event according to your personal taste. We focus on the details put forth by you and guarantee a professional execution as required. From initial stages to final, and for final execution, rest assured that you could put your faith and trust in retirement party planner Columbia, SC.

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Best Columbia Rental Services

Cashmere Dreams offer top-notch and economical rental services, and we are proud of our exception service, cutting-edge innovation and chic style that enlighten the whole party. Our collection of rentals includes a whole range of party chairs including the most sought-after throne chairs, loves and baby tables, and elegant covers for chairs and tables so that you can create a unique event for your loved ones.

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