If you need to create a seating chart for a wedding, don’t panic! We here at Cashmere Dreams have years of experience helping couples just like you get the best seating plans worked out for their wedding day. Here we’ve answered your most pressing seating chart questions all to help make this challenging part of wedding planning simpler and less stressful for everyone!

How do you seat guests at a wedding reception?

Every wedding is as beautiful and unique as the couple the event is focused on. Each aspect of the event should be customized to fit the personalities of the happy couple. When it comes to seating your guests at your reception the most important thing is to make sure you are happy with who sits where and how the general layout and set up looks. Working with a wedding planner like our team here at Cashmere Dreams, is a great way to make your reception seating plans super easy!

Do the bride and groom’s parents sit together?

It depends! Do they get along? If they are fast friends and all thrilled with the marriage arrangements then they can sit together. If they are not on the friendliest of terms then you may want to consider seating them separate from each other with members of their own immediate family. This can help avoid any uncomfortable moments and tension during the happy event. You don’t want the in-laws arguing and fighting at the ceremony or reception so if the marriage is not the happiest of events for some members of the family, avoid seating them with other family members they may not like as much. Simple planning like this is what makes arranged seating a lifesaver for some couples!

Should you assign seating at a wedding reception?

You might be wondering if you even need a seating chart or fancy seating plans at all. In general, a larger wedding absolutely must have seating assigned for the reception to ensure there are no fights for chairs or awkward situations with who ends up sitting with who. If you have fancy meal service assigned seating will help ensure the wait staff can get the right meal to the right person quickly and easily without a lot of fuss.

Which side of the room does each partner’s side of the family sit at the reception?

There is no set right or wrong way to seat the family, and much of it usually comes down to religious or cultural preference for wedding traditions. For example, Christian ceremonies most often have the bride’s family seated on the left while Jewish ceremonies are the reverse with the bride’s family seated on the right. If you have no religious or cultural preference then there is no set way to go about it and you should feel free to seat them wherever you think is best. This also applies to where the bride sits in relationship to the groom- religious and cultural preference take precedent but otherwise, you are free to make the seating however you want.

Does the bridal party have to sit together?

Nope! Some couples seat them with the bride and groom near the front of the venue but if there are friends and family form both couples in the bridal party they can also be seated out among the rest of the guests. You can sit them together if they all know each other very well and are good friend but if there are members of the party that don’t know everyone else well then sedating them out with other friends can be a good way to seat the bridal party so no one feels alone or singled out. Either way, focus on who they’ll most likely want to sit with and go from there.

How can I make sure my seating plans will actually work?

The best way to take some of the fear and guesswork out of your wedding planning when it comes to seating arrangement is to work with a wedding planning professional. Here at Cashmere Dreams, our wedding experts can help you plan the perfect wedding ceremony and reception, including the perfect seating plans to keep everyone happy to help you have the best wedding day possible! Call us today to learn more and to get started with your wedding plans!