There are many different things that you have to think about and plan around when it comes to the wedding planning process. This is common knowledge, but among all the details and topics there are some key things that need to be addressed. Here at Cashmere Dreams, we are all about helping brides and grooms prepare for their weddings so we wanted to share with you a list of what we consider to be the most important things to remember about planning your wedding. So, here is our list of important points, in no particular order whatsoever!

1.) Wedding Planner.
It is important to be sure you are working with the best wedding planner possible so you can have the best possible wedding day imaginable.

2.) Location of the Ceremony.
The venue you choose for your wedding is an important decision because it will affect the size of your wedding ceremony as well as how many people can attend.

3.) Location of the Reception.
Same as with the ceremony your location for the reception is important because it will determine the size and set up of your reception event.

4.) The Paperwork.
You will not want to forget the important legal paperwork that has to be taken care of to ensure your marriage is official and legally recognized.

5.) Dresses and attire.
One of the biggest parts of wedding planning is finding the perfect dress, so it is something you are not going to want to gloss over or rush by any means.

6.) Tuxedos and attire.
While easier in most regards than the dress it is important to give enough attention to the tuxedos and suits during the planning phase as well.

7.) Décor/Style/Theme.
You are going to want to make sure you choose a wedding theme that fits you and your soon to be husband so consider your likes and dislikes as you choose.

8.) Guest List.
It can be hard to whittle down the guest list if you have large families or a lot of friends but you need to determine a guest list that fits your venue.

9.) “Save the Date” Invitations.
Sending out reminders ahead of your wedding gives your guests as much notice as possible and it is also part of wedding planning process.

10.) Wedding Invitations.
The actual wedding invites are an important part of the wedding plans and need to match your theme and décor choices for the wedding as well.

11.) The Photographer.
You are going to want every moment of your wedding captured so it is important to ensure you are working with a quality local photographer for your wedding.

12.) The Videographer.
Like with the photographer, you are going to want videos to capture those precious moments during your big day so finding a professional videographer is key.

13.) Florist.
Flowers are a key part of any wedding, even the laid back weddings and more casual events so don’t put the flower off till the last month of planning.

14.) Stylist.
If you want to have a special look for your wedding having their hairstyle can be a big factor so consider hiring a stylist to help you on your big day.

15.) Entertainment/DJ.
If you are having a reception following the wedding ceremony be sure to think about the music or entertainment you want to have for that reception.

16.) Event Caterers.
Food is key to any celebration and you want your wedding reception to be an enjoyable time, so securing good caterers is a critical part of wedding planning.

17.) Bartenders.
Many receptions today have an open bar or something similar set up for their guests to enjoy so you need to consider what’s best for your big day.

18.) The Rings.
Of course, you are going to want to find the dream ring you can wear proudly that shows off the love of you and your soon to be husband.

19.) Ring Bearer and Flower Girl.
You do not have to have a ring bearer or flower girl at your wedding but if you do you need to think about it carefully to choose the right option for your special day.

20.) Cake.
Everyone loves the wedding cake and for good reason so make sure they enjoy it and find a baker that can get you the best cake in the world.

21.) Registry.
Many couples today set up a wedding registry to list the gifts they would like to receive to help them get their new life started, so set one up if you want.

22.) Transportation services.
If you are planning on having a limo ride to and from the wedding and reception you need to make your plans and reservations sooner rather than later.

23.) Officiant.
Whether you are using a minister or a legal officiant for your wedding you will want to coordinate with them as soon as possible.

24.) Wedding Favors.
Many newlyweds plan their table decorations to include favors for their guests so think about how you want to incorporate them into your wedding plans.

25.) Honeymoon.
While it may seem like jumping the gun, but you can start making plans for the honeymoon before the wedding itself to make it perfect for you both.

As a closing note from us here at Cashmere Dreams please do not lose sight of what you are preparing for! This wedding is the biggest day of your life and is the start of your new life together but it is important to focus on the moment at hand and enjoy it for what it is. Enjoy the process of planning your wedding! Have fun with the wedding planning process! Do not allow the stress of the planning process to get in the way of everything else. Enjoy the time with your significant other and work together to make your wedding the most special and memorable moment that it can be! Contact us today to learn more about the wedding planning process and to make the most of it.