As you plan your special day there is a lot that has to be taken care of and many different things that need your attention and consideration. For many brides-to-be the flowers they use on their wedding day is a big part of the puzzle. But it is also one of the areas that can cause the most stress. Thankfully, you do not have to go at it alone and your local wedding planning experts here at Cashmere Dreams can assist you with all of your wedding floral design needs.

Choosing Wedding Flowers

We can help you determine what flowers will look the best, when and where to get them, and how to best utilize them in your wedding day plans. There are countless varieties of flowers to choose from and we have seen brides use just about anything and everything under the sun for their special day, but we wanted to share some tips and ideas for the eight most common flowers used in weddings today:


The rose has long been held as the symbol of love and without a doubt, it is still the single most popular flower that is used in wedding bouquets and displays. With dozens of colors and thousands of varieties to choose from the rose is a safe bet if you want flowers that are guaranteed to look great. They are also a good choice because they are available somewhere all year round and are easy to get a hold of.  Roses smell wonderful too and add a certain relaxing and romantic fragrance to the wedding venue as well.


It may surprise some brides but one of the most in-demand flowers used in weddings, after the rose, is the peony!  This beautiful flower is commonly used as the central flower in the bouquet and centerpieces and is most commonly used alongside other wedding flowers.  If you have your heart set on them, be prepared to pay a pretty penny because they can be hard to find at certain times of the year. And because they are harder to grow than roses they cost more and are a challenge to find even though many florists are growing them.


These flowers are becoming more and more popular in wedding bouquets and décor because of their bold and beautiful flowers. The Dahlia is a flower that makes a powerful statement and they are perfect for weddings because they hold their color surprisingly well. They are commonly found in centerpiece arrangements and other floral applications throughout the wedding venue. They may be found in the bride’s bouquet though they are often too large for most single bouquets and are better in centerpieces.


One of the sweetest smelling blooms, the Lilac is another popular wedding flower that your wedding planner can help you find if this bloom is soothing you are seeking. Many brides are falling in love with the cascading effect of these blooms and they are finding their way into table displays, alter decorations, and even into the bride’s flower arrangement. The Lilac can be a bit of a challenge to find some times of the year and are usually used sparingly because they can also be a bit on the expensive side.


If you are wanting a more traditional look for your flowers on your wedding day then you have to include some ranunculus in your bouquet and decor. Almost all bridal bouquets that are shown in any wedding flowers promotion or photos in magazines feature these delicate white flowers. They are usually used as accents along with other blooms and not as the solo stars of the flower show. They are easy to find and just about any florist your wedding planner works with can find you some for your floral arrangement needs.


Most commonly available in the classic blue or white, many brides are thrilled to learn that hydrangea is also available in other shades and new varieties that have been developed by growers over recent years. Some of the new popular variants feature deeper blues and greens in the foliage and one of the newest variants to take the wedding industry by storm has red and rust tones in the foliage. Hydrangeas are big and beautiful but don’t last too long and usually won’t be looking too good by the day after your wedding.


Like many popular flowers that are being used in wedding floral designs, the tulip provides brides with the color, elegance, fragrance, durability, and beauty that makes them so popular. They can be a bit tricky to find depending on the time of year your wedding is planned for, but the floral experts at Cashmere Dreams can help you find the best ones available. The beautiful and hardy tulip would make an amazing addition to your floral decorations and centerpieces or in the bridal bouquet too.


The final type of wedding flowers on our list today is the versatile and highly attractive orchid. Although beautiful as house plants, orchids have come into their own in the wedding industry as well. There are thousands of types of orchids to choose from and many are hardy enough to be incorporated into wedding flower décor plans. Some grow in trailing sprigs that look great cascading from centerpieces and others are more cluster in their growth and look stunning in the middle of the bouquet. Orchids can be used just about anywhere.

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