While the dress is of course the star of the wedding day attire for the bride-to-be, there are many other accessories that need to be thought of and carefully planned out before the big day arrives. Between jewelry, shoes, veils and other pieces, there can be an overwhelming number of choices to make, and you definitely want to find the right balance and look for your special day. Thankfully, you do not have to go at it alone and a skilled and experienced wedding planner from Cashmere Dreams can help you find the wedding dress accessories that will give you that perfect wedding day look!

1.Match Your Metals

Many brides are unaware that there are certain colors that best complement the metals you choose for your accessories. As a general rule for wedding attire, an ivory dress is best paired with gold because it complements the creamy tint of the fabric. For a pure white dress, silver or platinum and pearl detailing are common choices. It is best to avoid yellow gold with a white dress as it can clash too much. You can have your pick with a diamond-white gown—this barely off-white color looks amazing with yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls. You can also coordinate your jewelry accessories with any detailing on your dress. Gold beads or silver stitch work can match the metals of your accessories and help tie it all together. When you work with Cashmere Dreams, you get access to wedding planners who have years of experience coordinating the right jewelry and accessories with the perfect dress!

2.Less Is More

You don’t need to have every accessory that is made to complete your perfect wedding day look. You do not need to have a veil, and a tiara, and earrings, and a necklace, and a sash. Accessories add a unique touch to your look and when done right they enhance the look of your wedding gown, but it is easy to go overboard and too many accessories can be distracting and can actually detract from the beauty of your wedding dress. Before you start buying, consider your dress, and if you don’t have the dress picked out yet then definitely don’t buy anything until you know what dress you are going to wear!  Look at the design elements of your dress and see what accessories would complement it. A nice necklace goes well with a low-cut gown and dangling earrings can look amazing with a nice updo hairstyle. It’s always good to complement the style of your dress and enhance its dramatic features.

3.Know Your Veils

The veil is one of the most iconic and oldest of the bridal accessories used today. From flirty birdcages to regal cathedral-length styles, there’s no shortage of options. It is important to find a veil that matches your dress and your body type. Longer flowing veils are best for taller brides and shorter veils are good for smaller body types. It is generally advised that your veil be an exact match for the color of your dress so it all flows together and looks like one cohesive piece.  Accent colors work for everyday fashion but for the formal wedding dress. Also, think about your hairstyle and what kind of veil will work best with your hair and the overall look you are going for. Finally, consider carefully how busy and elegant your dress is and if there is a lot going on with beads, stitch work, or other details, then it may be best to opt for a simpler veil style so you don’t take away from your dress

4.Top It Off

If veils are not your thing or it just won’t go with the more modern look and style of your dress there are other ways to finish off your look. Many brides are forgoing the veil and choosing to go with hair accessories to top off their wedding day look. Choose your hairstyle before you pick your accessory, since some types will look better with updos than others. You can choose fun accents like a floral crown or elegant hairpieces. You can also go with a fancy hairstyle of ringlets or beautiful waves and finish it with some simple barrette and hairpins. Most importantly, make sure whatever you pick feels secure while you’re moving around so you are not distracted or having to fiddle with your hair during your wedding ceremony. And as with the veil, remember simple is often best so new well selected hairpins will look better than a bunch of barrettes and flowers and accessories.

5.Think Beyond Jewelry

There are other ways to add your own flare and style to a dress without going overboard on the bling. A simple option is to add a belt or sash or shawl to your wedding dress look. Just because your dress doesn’t come with one, doesn’t mean it won’t look great. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money with expensive alterations and additions, and you can still look as stunning as ever with your own personal touch and flare! And whether you go with a classic satin sash, and braided accent piece, or metallic leather belt, it will give you the instant upgrade and personal touch that you are looking for. Think about shawls as well and consider how you can spice up your look with a practical and elegant addition. You can do a  lot to enhance the look for your dress without having to rely solely on jewelry and this is something eh wedding planners at Cashmere Dreams can assist you with as well!

6.Stay Comfortable

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes and your wedding day look is no exception. You naturally want to find a pair of shoes that perfectly fits your style and matches your dress and accessories. But remember that you also have to take your own personal to conform into consideration as you look for your wedding day shoes. You’ll be standing for long periods of time, could be doing a lot of walking and dancing, and you don’t want to be cringing in pain by the time to reception rolls around. Think about the elements of the shoe and how they will affect your feet- heels may look good but can you stand and walk in them for hours on end? Would sandals or elegant yet simple slip-on shoes serve you better? Buy your shoes as soon as you can make sure they are the right ones for you and so you can break them in before the wedding so you are less prone to get blistered and sore feet!

7.Cover Up

A stylish shawl or cover-up can be a great accessory for your wedding dress and for some brides it is a must if they are getting married during the cooler months or are holding the wedding or reception in a house of worship that requires them to keep shoulders covered. From boleros to capelets and fur stoles, the options are endless. Think about the style of your dress and the wedding itself. More rustic and casual brides could us a cardigan sweater draped over the shoulders or a simple shawl. For the elegant and classier weddings, a fur stole or fancy cape could be the perfect addition to the wedding dress look. There are many different ways you can go with this and there is no right or wrong way to do it- to talk to your wedding planner today and let them assist you in your search for the right wedding cover-up!

8.Consider Your Neckline

Pairing the proper adornment with your dress’ neckline style can add character to your wedding gown, or even highlight a unique feature of yourself or your dress. The trick is finding the right type of jewelry piece for your specific neckline.  Deep plunging necklines beg from a layered necklace or something to show off that feature. Higher necklines can benefit from chokers or bypassing a necklace altogether. The neckline of your dress can also benefit from choosing the right earrings. Along neckline with a necklace can benefit from dangling earrings that match that flowing look. Higher necklines often look best with simple stone studs or smaller earrings that keep the focus on the bride’s face. There are many ways to accessorize your dress based on the neckline style that you have chosen and the wedding experts at Cashmere Dreams can help you find the look that fits perfectly with your style!

9.Stick to What You Know

While it is true that a wedding is indeed a special day and you, of course, want to look your absolute best, there is no reason to intentionally try to stray too far from your normal style. If you rarely wear jewelry or gemstones then you do not need to feel pressured into wearing diamond everything on your wedding day. If you are more of a necklace kind of girl then wear a beautiful necklace and leave it at that. If you love doing your hair then focus on your hair and accessorize there and maybe add in a pair of earrings if you wish. Your wedding day is your day and you should feel free to dress and accessories however you want to. The goal is to look and feel like the best, most beautiful version of your regular self.  You want to celebrate the day your best friend is marrying you and you want to look and feel like the real you not some fake made up you that will exist only on this one day!

10.Stay Within Your Budget

The final step in planning out the perfect wedding accessories for your dress is to have a budget in mind and stick to it!  This is often one of the hardest things for brides to do but it is important that you genuinely try to stay on budget. Remember to KISS- Keep It Super Simple and it is also important to remember that your accessories do not make you the beautiful bride that you truly are so don’t get too stressed out about it if you are struggling to find accessories that you like or that work well for you.  You will be just as beautiful without any jewelry or accessories, so don’t let that aspect of your wedding day ruin everything else. Stay ion budget, keep it simple if you need to, and focus on what really matters- your wedding itself! Be yourself and enjoy your day with the love of your life and don’t let yourself become distracted by the little things.

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