Many brides have beautiful visions and plans in their minds for their honeymoon and most of them include a tropical getaway and travel to other countries far from home. And while there is nothing wrong with this, honeymoons don’t have to be like this if this is not something that appeals to you or if it is not something you can pull off financially. Here at Cashmere Dreams we have helped many couples celebrate the start of their lives together and we have seen our share of unique honeymoon alternatives and we wanted to pass along some of them to you today!

The Stay-Cation Honeymoon Idea

Many people have heard of the stay-cation, that idea of staying close to home rather than spending a lot of money on a big long-distance family vacation. Well, many newlyweds are taking this idea to heart and are finding ways to have a stay-cation honeymoon! For many couples, the honeymoon is seen as a time to celebrate the start of their new life together and they see it as a chance to start off their lives right at home. This is especially true of older couples who are over the age of 35 when they are married. For these couples, doing things together as now husband and wife is what matters so things, like going to the movies and seeing three shows in a row, visiting the local museum or aquarium, or just doing something together, is what matters. They see the value in making memories rather than spending a lot of money to go somewhere to make those memories. This, of course, is not for everyone but is an option that is gaining popularity!

The Theme Park Honeymoon Idea

Some couples love the feeling of excitement and wonder that follows the wedding and want to carry that over to their honeymoon. A popular trend, particularly among younger newlyweds, is going to a theme park resort for their honeymoon. For fans of places like Disney, this is a wonderful way to celebrate their new life together while also enjoying something they both are passionate about. Even if you do not live close to your favorite US theme park you can get plane tickets and a three day stay at a resort for far less than it would cost to go to a tropical locale on the other side of the world. You can also make arrangements for private dinners and shows and other adventures to make your time at the park even more special. You can get your excitement and thrills and spend time with the love of your life at a place you both enjoy being while making memories that don’t cost you almost as much as your actual wedding did!

The Camper’s Honeymoon Idea

Similar to the theme park idea, if you are more of the outdoorsy type who has a rustic wedding in a barn or out in nature then you may be interested in the camper’s honeymoon trend! With this type of honeymoon, the newlyweds pack up in their camper or RV and head out on a traveling honeymoon. Whether they stay in their home state or travel the country, it doesn’t matter because they are together and making memories. There are so many places to go and see and so many things to do that a traveling honeymoon like this can cram dozens of great destinations into a single one week trip. The new couple can find places they love and share that love with their partner and find places that they can fall in love with together. The same money that would be spent on a plane trip and three days in a tropical getaway could pay for a week at many different venues where there is never a chance of getting bored or running out of things to do or see together!

The Moving In Honeymoon Idea

For the more practical-minded couple, a new trend they can get on board with is what is being called the moving in honeymoon. Not everyone is able to take off and get away after the wedding ceremony. Some couples are just excited and focused on beginning their new lives together. For these couples, this is a great idea for a honeymoon because it puts the focus on them and their lives going forward, not on the honeymoon moment alone. For the move in honeymoon, the couple would focus on spending time together getting their life started. This could be finishing up the painting of their house, moving in furniture, setting up their new apartment, shopping for the final things they need for their new home together, and looking with excitement at the first chapter of their love and life together. Money is invested to make their home and life better rather than on what to them seems like a frivolous trip. If this sounds good to you then consider a move in honeymoon!

The Delayed Honeymoon Idea

The final honeymoon option is another popular one that many couples are choosing whether by personal preference or necessity. Not everyone can take 1-2 weeks off for a wedding and honeymoon. Work or school responsibilities, children and other family obligations, or finances may not allow for them to head off on a honeymoon right after the wedding. So many couples are delaying the honeymoon for later on when things are more in order and their situation is more conducive for a relaxing honeymoon trip. It may be just a few months or it may be a few years down the road but for those who are unable to take a honeymoon right away, delaying it for a time can be a way to save up for it, build anticipation, and keep the focus on what really matters- loving your new partner and starting your life together, and focusing on the things that really matter rather than fancy trips. Making memories is what is important and that can happen anytime and anywhere!

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