We here at Cashmere Dreams know a lot about weddings but that is not all we are known and respected for throughout all of South Carolina- we also know a thing or two about throwing a party with the best party themes!  Whether you are planning a party for a special event like retirement or big milestone, or it is a party for your company or the entire community, we can help you throw a party that you can be proud of and that everyone will be talking about! Cashmere Dreams is your one-stop-shop for a stress-free party event.

We provide stellar party planning services throughout Columbia, SC and are proud to be the go-to place for party planning need across the state. We will work to help you with any and all phases of your party planning needs. Whether you want full-service assistance or just need help with one or two aspects, we are here for you! If you are getting ready for a big party or celebration, you know how nerve-wracking it can be to get everything in line and just right.  Let us help you make your next party stress free and more enjoyable for everyone!

Popular Party Themes

Our event planning services can also be applied to general parties and celebrations where you need some help with choosing a venue, food, and DJ services. All of these aspects are directly related to the type of party you are hosting and the theme you have chosen for your event. It can be hard to know where to turn for ideas when the time comes to plan a party so we wanted to share with you some of the most popular party themes in the state. Form kids’ parties to adult parties these are popular themes we have worked with over the last few years:

  • Western- There is much that you can do with a western theme, from photo booth opportunities with costumes to the ever-popular bull ride attraction. This is a popular theme for adult parties and there are many ways to go with your party planning so it is a good chance to be creative. If you are thinking of throwing a party with a Western theme, we can help you find the venue and the supplies that will make your party awesome!


  • Princess- The single most popular party theme for girls’ parties is the princess and unicorn theme. This fanciful theme is easy to work around with decorations, set up, rides, and attractions. Whether you want photo opportunities, bounce houses or slides, fun games, and attractions, or something extra special, we can help. Cashmere Dreams has helped with many princess unicorn-themed parties and we can do the same for you!


  • Ice-Cream- During the warm summer months, a popular party theme in South Carolina always is the ice-cream party. It is a great way to have fun and beat the summer heat. It is a popular theme for community events and company parties and is easy to pull off. An ice-cream party could be a simple social gathering or a full party with attractions and events. It is a perfect theme that can be interpreted any way that you want!


  • Sweet 16- Every girl dreams of her Sweet 16 birthday and if you are wanting to make this birthday extra special for your special girl, Cashmere Dreams can help you get everything you want and need. From décor to events for the big day, our party planning experts will work with you to make sure your daughter’s Sweet 16 is the best day of her life. All it takes is one call to get started with the party planning magic!


  • Prom- One of the big milestones in any student’s life is their school Prom. If you are in charge of throwing the celebration for the school or are hosting a smaller prom party for your own students and their friends, we are here to lend a helping hand. We can help you get the venue, décor, amenities, and attractions in place so you can spend more time sharing this great achievement with the special students in your life!


  • Construction- Boys love dirt and they love trucks so what better way to combine both into a perfect boy’s party theme than to do a construction theme. Whether they are three or 13, it is a popular party theme for parties all across the state, and Cashmere Dreams has worked with many construction themes over the years. We assist with planning, attractions, party games, and everything else involved in throwing a perfect party!


  • Nature- Summer is a popular time of year for outdoor parties and if you are planning a fun outdoor event then going with a nature theme can be a great way to go. For tropical to beach themes to animal themes, there are many ways you go with this sort of party theme. Bounce houses and water slides are always popular as are obstacle courses and carnival games and much more. Our party planning experts can help make it a party to remember!


  • Retirement- The finale party theme we see a lot of in South Carolina is the retirement party. While these are usually more formal and laid back, they still need planning to ensure they are a success and that they serve the purpose of celebrating the guest of honor. Cashmere Dreams’ expert party planners can help you get everything you need to make it a retirement party everyone will be talking about back at the office!


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Having a certified party planner will go a long way in helping you and your guests enjoy the big day even more. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions about our party planning services or what theme would be best for your event. We will be happy to answer your questions and offer suggestions to make your event splendidly memorable. Cashmere Dreams is ready to help with your event planning and coordination so contact us now to learn more about how we can help make your party planning and coordinating less stressful. Start now by scheduling your consultation appointment with the Cashmere Dreams party team!