An outdoor wedding can be romantic and beautiful with more and more couples opting for the natural outdoor backdrop for their special day. There are many things to consider for an outdoor wedding that you would not have to take into account with a traditional indoor wedding. To get you started, here are some tips to make planning a perfect outdoor wedding:

Be Comfortable- You must think about the usual weather your area gets at the time of year your wedding will be. Will it be cool or warm and what time of day are you having your wedding? Make sure you and your guests are protected from the sun and heat during a summer wedding and that there is a way to stay warm and sheltered if you are having an Autumn wedding.

Have a Backup Plan- Weather is fickle and Mother Nature can be cruel at times, but this does not mean you are without power. Make plans for what you are going to do if the weather turns foul the day of your wedding or in the middle of your ceremony. Having a backup plan will put your mind at ease and help you enjoy your wedding even more as it happens.

Plan for Wind- Many outdoor weddings in these areas are beautiful but you will have no control over that you need to be prepared for- the wind. Plan for the wind by opting for a pulled back hairstyle and hair gel for the guys. Also, avoid light flowing fabrics that can get out of control in a strong wind. You may also want to rethink ceremony aspects like candles to avoid fire hazards!

Can Everybody Hear?- Outdoor wedding ceremonies are known for their natural settings and this can bring with it a unique sound track. Rustling leaves, crashing waves, trickling water and the like can make for pleasant background noise but it can also make it hard for your guest to hear what is being said. To avoid this, make sure you have a reliable sound system in place.

Bugs- In some areas bug are to be expected- you are outdoors after all. You can set up citronella candle and torches as part of your décor plans to help create a bug free area for your wedding. You can also ask if the area can be sprayed for bugs a few days before your wedding to keep the bugs under control. Personal bug repellents can also be used to deter the pests too.

Privacy– The final thing you will have to deal with when you opt for an outdoor wedding that usually is not an issue with a more traditional indoor wedding is the lack of privacy. Unless you are able to rent out a private beach or other area, chances are there will be others in the area who will be able to see your ceremony. So, consider this when you weigh your options.

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