A wedding ceremony is a big affair and a very important event for the new couple, as well as their family. For some couples, they are marrying into an existing family, whether that be a family with kids or a family with fur babies. If you have pets or kids you want to have be a part of your special day and be involved in the wedding then you are not alone as this is a growing trend among couples today. Here at Cashmere Dreams, we have had many couples ask us about ways to have their pets or their kids involved in the wedding. Today we want to give you some ideas we have shared and have seen other couples implement in the past.

Making Kids and Pets Look Good in a Wedding Ceremony

  • Dress to Match the Theme- it is important that your kids be dressed to match the bridal party. So, if you are wearing dresses and tuxes then your kids need to match when they stand up with you during the ceremony. If you are having a laid-back rustic wedding then they can dress to match the theme but should be dressed similar to the bride and groom. The same goes for the pets too and you can find little suits and hats and other clothes made for pets that can work to have your pet match you as well!
  • Rehearse With Them- practice is key for everyone and this is especially true for young children and pets! It is important to go over things with them often leading up to the wedding. You should only include your pets if they are already well behaved and well trained so you are not stressed out trying to get them ready for the big day. For young kids, talk to them about what will happen and important their role is. This will help them feel important and feel good about being a part of the special day.
  • Let Them Add Their Own Touch- bringing pets and kids into your wedding ceremony is the same as bringing in a new wedding planner to some extent. Cute kids and adorable pets can steal the show so be prepared for some of the attention to move from you to your pets or kids. You can also help your kids feel involved with the wedding by letting them add their own little touches here and there. Let them have a moment to speak at the ceremony or let your pets do something special then as well.

Ways to Have Pets and Kids in the Ceremony

  • With or as the Flower Girl- young girls are a common choice to be the flower girl at a wedding but a well-trained pooch can also carry a basket of flowers down the aisle. It is important to make sure both child and pet are prepared properly so they perform well on the day of your wedding!
  • With or as the Ring Bearer- young boys are the traditional ring bearer in many weddings and this role can also be performed by a pet that is well trained enough to carry a ring safely down the aisle. Again, training and proper preparation is key for boy human and pet ring bearers!
  • In Wedding Photos- the easiest way to have your kids and pets be remembers during your wedding is to make sure to get lots of photos with them all dressed up. These cute photos will be looked back on for years to come with fond memories and smiles and will be treasured for a lifetime!

Contact Us For More Fun Wedding Ceremony Ideas

If you would like more ideas on how to include your kids or your pets in your wedding day plans or if you need help with other aspects of your wedding planning, contact us today here at Cashmere Dreams!  We are ready to assist and can help you with all of your wedding needs. So, call today and make an appointment with us to get started!