Tired of all the meetings and corporate events being held in cold unformattable cubicles and conference rooms? Ready to make things new and exciting in your office and to give your employees a break and a chance to have fun? An employee appreciation picnic may be just what you have been looking for. Hosting the event during an outdoor picnic is a fun alternative that gives employees a break from the traditional workplace setting. Even if you hold it just outside the office building, an employee appreciation picnic is simple but memorable activity which many people love and enjoy. For some tips on how to throw an employee appreciation picnic, contact Cashmere Dreams for the best party planning assistance in the area, and in the meantime, keep on reading for ideas on how to make your employee appreciation picnic the best that it can be:

 Carefully Plan the Appreciation Lineup

If you’re throwing the picnic as a way to celebrate your employees and you plan on handing out awards, trophies or any other type of appreciation gift to some or all of your employees at the picnic, make sure you are prepared! Know who is going to speak and when, get a general idea of how long it will take to hand out the awards, and think of ways to have the entire team interact and be engaged so it is not just everyone sitting around watching their peers get awards and waiting for their turn to do the same. This first step is critical to hosting a successful employee appreciation picnic!

Keep the Size of the Event in Mind as You Plan

Remember to keep the size of the picnic and the size of the crowd in mind. You likely will be giving some kind of speech or at the very least be making announcements. You want to make sure you are able to be heard so you may need a podium, microphone and speaker system setup. Without one, you will be screaming to make sure that all of your employees can hear. Even if you are known as the loud outspoken boss you do not want to be yelling- that will kill the mood you are trying to create. So, make sure you have a way to be heard easily if your picnic crowd is going to be anything more than a few dozen people in size.

Food and Beverages Are an Absolute Must

You will want food and drink to be available, otherwise, no one will enjoy the picnic all that much You don’t have to spend a lot of money and have food catered in but you should at least provide some easy snacks and refreshments at the minimum. Sandwich bites, chips, pretzels, veggie trays or meat and cheese trays along with cookies and sweets can be simple yet very appreciated snacks. You can also have things set up as pot luck and let employees bring their favorite dishes to the picnic. The company can take care of the drinks and also bring the ice and cups to keep things simple. Tea, lemonade, soda, and water are good choices, but it is best to avoid the alcohol as it can cause problems when buzzed employees have to go back to work after the afternoon picnic celebration is done with.

Entertainment Ideas to Keep the Fun Flowing

Depending on how long you are planning for the party and festivities to go for you may have time for some recreational activities. You want games that are fun and easy and that encourage employees to get together and interact with each other. Here are some good ideas you may want to think about for your employee appreciation picnic:

  • Softball game- a friendly game played with a small goal of 5 or so can be a fun way to get some physical activity in and give your employees a little friendly competition to engage in.
  • Kickball game- another fun and easy game that can quickly be played so several games can be enjoyed this is a popular choice at many picnics and outdoor parties as well.
  • Horseshoes- simple and easy this is a perfect choice if your space is limited and it is also easy to set up several areas so multiple games can go on at the same time.
  • Bean bag toss- these are easy to make up as a custom board or you can buy pre-made ones online to have them ready before your company picnic to give people a simple yet fun game.
  • Karaoke- there is some risk involved here but most people enjoy karaoke, even if they cannot sing since that is sort of the point in some cases so you may think about this as an option too.
  • Live music- if you are having a larger celebration or one that is going to last several hours or more you may want to see if there is a local band or artists who wants to play at your event.

Contact Us More Employee Appreciation Picnic Ideas

Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of how to plan your next employee appreciation picnic. Hosting a business meeting or event during an outdoor picnic is a fun alternative that gives employees a chance to get out in the fresh air and sun and enjoy some laid-back fun with their co-workers. An employee appreciation picnic is simple but memorable activity that many people love and enjoy. It’s a fun alternative to the traditional in-office events, allowing employees to get outside and have some fun for a change. This is oftentimes exactly what is needed to recharge and reset their focus and mindset so it is something more and more managers are considering. If you need help planning an employee appreciation picnic or another similar event for your team or our staff, then contact Cashmere Dreams today. They can help you plan the perfect event that everyone will enjoy and remember fondly!