Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, energy, and thought. There are many decisions that have to be made about things like the venue, the dress, the cake, the music, and the décor. But another very important thing that has to be addressed is the need for beautiful floral bouquet and the decorations. Here at Cashmere Dreams, we have been offering wedding planning assistance to brides like you for years. One common thing we have found is that many brides do not even start thinking about the flowers they want till closer to their wedding day. This can be a big mistake and can cause problems and stress when it comes to getting the flowers you really want. We are here today to offer you some tips to help you get the perfect floral bouquet for your wedding:

Work With an Experienced Wedding Planner

The best way to ensure you are getting quality flowers for your special day is to work with an experienced wedding planner. Here at Cashmere Dreams, we have connections to the best florists and can also help you design eh perfect combination for your bouquet and décor. We can handle all the details and planning to coordinate with florists and can help you see the right combination of flowers that will work best for your wedding theme, décor, and budget. Do not go at it alone, working with a local wedding planner is a great way to make sure you find the best flowers available for all of your wedding floral bouquet needs.

Buy From Local Florists Right in Your Area

Whether you are working with a wedding planner or going at it alone, another way to make sure you find the best flowers for your special day is to try and stick with local florists. When you work locally you can help save yourself money by not having a lot of out of area shipping fees associated with your bouquet. Local shipping also means you won’t have to worry about what your flowers will look like when they get shipped in from three states away or worrying about what happens if they don’t arrive on time. Local florists are also easy to meet with to see the flowers first hand before you commit!

Choose Flowers That are Currently in Season

A great way to get good flowers while also staying under budget is to think about when your wedding is going to be held and looking at what flowers are in season then. Some florists grow many flowers out of season, which is hard to do and thus means those flowers are much more expensive than they would be other times of the year. Flowers that are in season are cheaper and also usually healthier and more vibrant as they have not had to be pumped full of fertilizers and growth boosters to get them to grow. You can easily ask a florist or your wedding planner to find out what flowers are in season for you.

Try Cheaper Flowers For the Floral Bouquet

Another way to get good flowers is to look at alternative options for your wedding bouquet. You may have had your heart set on a big bouquet of mostly bright peonies. However, if those are hard to find for your wedding day you may want to think about other flowers that would also look good, that are available in the colors you need, but that are cheaper and easy to get. Instead of peonies maybe dahlias or hydrangeas would look nice. Instead of a whole bouquet of peonies maybe a few peony flowers with others mixed in will still give you the look you want for your floral bouquet without all the cost and hassle and stress!

Scale Down Size and Number if Price is High

If your biggest issue ends up being your budget limitation for your wedding flowers then you may need to think about how to scale down on the size and number of flowers you need. Scaling back on the size of your bouquet by just a third can really reduce the cost of your bridal bouquet, especially if you are using expensive flowers. Also, look at the sizes of the bridesmaid’s bouquets and see if those can be scaled back some. Same goes for the décor and centerpiece flowers as well in terms of their size and how many you are going to have. This simple cut back can really cut back on the cost!

Accept a Few Compromises as Needed

The final tip we have for you for your wedding floral bouquet is to be flexible and willing to compromise a little as you plan your special day and are deciding on the flowers to use. When you are willing to work with your wedding planner and florist with an open mind, you can easily find the flowers that are just right for your wedding day. It is your day and you need to be happy with the flowers that are used in your wedding but being too closed-minded and sold on your own ideas can cause a lot of stress and headache so being open to small compromises can make a world of difference and can help you in the long run.

Contact Cashmere Dreams to Learn More

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