Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding day and while no one would argue that there is a lot of planning that goes into a great wedding, there is some debate as to what the biggest decisions are. Here at Cashmere Dreams, we have helped many couples plan their dream wedding and we can do the same for you. Here are the four decisions we feel are the most crucial for planning the perfect wedding:

 Choose Your Venue and Book as Soon as Possible

One of the most common complaints we get from brides to be is that they waited too long to get the venue they wanted and have to settle for something less than their idea venue location. Venues are, in our opinion, one of the most important parts of planning your wedding because the location can affect every other aspect of your big day. Popular venues in the area will fill up fast and you should focus on getting your venue booked before you do anything else involving your big day.  The reason is simple, they can only book one wedding per date and with thousands of weddings going on in the area every month, your one perfect date can quickly be booked up!

Each venue wants to accommodate as many brides as they can, but days are limited, they are not able to host a wedding in every situation, and sometimes the venue itself may be closed. Also, bear in mind that certain times of the year are more common for weddings and will book up faster- May through August being some of the busiest.  You also should think about the day of the week you want to book your venue for as well. Weekends are the most common days for wedding ceremonies because people can take off time easier but they book up faster so planning in advance for a weekday wedding may make it easier.


Consider the theme you want to have for your wedding as this can influence the types of venues you look into. An outdoor wedding will have you looking at beaches, gardens, parks, and other beautiful outdoor locations.  An indoor wedding will likely have you searching for churches, conference centers, and other venues with a lot of indoor space. Your theme will also affect the venues that are best- a country or rustic themed wedding would be out of place in a luxury hotel or a fancy church but would be perfect at a ranch or in a garden. Our wedding planners here at Cashmere Dreams have worked with couples looking at all kinds of weddings so matte what theme you are considering, we can help you track down the perfect venue!


You can marry the love of your life anywhere you want but finding the perfect venue for your ideal day is a great way to start the wedding planning off on the right foot and will set a good tone for the entire wedding ceremony!


Find the Best Photographers/Videographers for Your Wedding:

Finding the right venue is the first step to designing the perfect wedding with the help of your wedding planner. But if you don’t choose the right Photographers, all the great memories you are about to make in your dream venue will be lost or reduced to shaky and blurry home photos. Cashmere Dreams has years of experience helping brides and grooms find the best photo and video service for their upcoming wedding.  We can help you find the team that matches your wants and needs and budget so you can be sure to capture every memory for your special day. You are going to be putting a lot of time, effort, and money into your wedding so it is important to find the photographer that will give you what you want and need – we can help make the search easier and less stressful!

There are many things to consider when searching for the best photography team. Consider how any people will be taking photos and videos at your wedding so you can be sure everything gets captured at least twice. Consider their experience with your venue and wedding style- outdoor weddings are much different in terms of photography needs than indoor weddings. Smaller weddings need a different touch than large extravagant weddings will and larger bridal parties will require more time and attention by your photo team as well. It is important to take the time to speak to your photographer and discuss all your wants and needs and concerns early on so you can make sure to choose the right provider.


When booking a photographer, the advice we have is book reservations quickly. This is not to say to rush out and book with the first one you find but if you like their work and feel comfortable with their rates and skills, waiting too long can cause you to miss out.

Most photographers will require a retainer to hold the date so they do not accept another event on the same day of your wedding. The amount of the retainer and the need for any other upfront deposits will need to be discussed with your photographer, but most will give you plenty of time to make arrangements and plan how payments will be done before and after you wedding. Our wedding planning team can help you find a photographer for your wedding and help you with any issues that may arise.

Choosing the Perfect Dress for Yourself:

Now it is on to the decision many brides to be both fear and love- choosing the dress We here at Cashmere Dreams have worked with some brides who’ve had their wedding dress chosen before they even officially were engaged, and we have also worked with some brides who are struggling to find their dream dress three weeks before the wedding.  No matter how sure or unsure you may be, we can help you find the dress that is just right for your wedding!

Some brides, particularly those who are having big elaborate weddings with a lot of people and a multi-part ceremony have been known to pick more than one dress for the different parts of their day! One more formal for the photos & ceremony & another for the reception. Others choose a dress that can be changed to fit the form and casual aspect of the day with things like removable shawls, veils, and outer layers. There is no right or wrong way to choose your wedding dresses and no right or wrong way to wear your dress for your special day. What matters is that you feel beautiful!

There are so many dresses and dress shops in our areas that you are sure to find any dresses to choose from in all price ranges, styles, and even colors. The fact that every bride goes for the traditional all-white is quickly fading as more modern brides are choosing full-colored gowns for their special day or are opting for versions of white with colorful accents and accessories! Most of the brides we have worked with find that looking for their wedding dress does not present a ton of stress and they actually enjoy the experience. However, as time goes by and the date of the wedding looms closer the pressure to make a final decision can get pretty overwhelming, and we are here to help you make the best decision possible.

Once you’ve found your perfect style, it is important to save time for a fitting and multiple first looks. You want to know of any small adjustments that need to be made to your gown as far in advance as possible.  Your wedding day is not the time to work out any design or fitting issues. Work with you gown provider and your wedding planner to ensure you have plenty of time to get the dress looking absolutely perfect!

Settling on the Dream Wedding Cake

The cake is the final big decision you are going to face when it comes to planning your perfect wedding.  The cake is about more than just having something to cut and serve your guests. A wedding cake is also about looks, style, colors, tiers, and taste! You also need to think about the size of the cake that you are going to need to feed all of your guests. Do you want a traditional white, four-tier cake, something more modern and unique, or do you want to go really out of the box and do cupcakes or something else extra special? The wedding planning experts here at Cashmere Dreams can help you answer these important questions and can help you pinpoint the cake that is just right for you and your groom!

There’s a lot of factors for your wedding cake choice. You may have the perfect design chosen but don’t know what flavors you want. You may have found the perfect cake flavor and colors but don’t know the overall look or theme that you want just yet. You ay have everything already decided and just need help finding someone to do it or you may have nothing ready and need help with every aspect of your cake search. We are here to help and will do everything we can to make sure you get the cake of your dreams.  So, stay calm and cake on!

Having a plan for your cake is an idea and most brides have at least an idea of what they want for their wedding cake, but like the other decisions, sometimes you have to alter that plan to fit what is available or what is practical given your situation and guidelines. You may have to settle for three tiers instead of two and round cakes rather than a square design. If you choose to use a professional cake maker, then you’re pretty safe when it comes to making special requests as far as colors, size, and flavors go as they are going to be more willing and able to adjust to meet your needs. If you choose a family friend or someone you know to make the cake or you are considering going the pre-bought rout then you are going to be more limited in terms of special requests and what special accommodations the cake makers will be able to do. We here at Cashmere Dreams are ready to help you with your wedding cake needs no matter how simple or complicated they may be!

Other Decisions

Of course, these four decisions are just the most crucial that you will have to make. There are many, many other decisions that are going to have to be made about your special day! There’s the DJ, the centerpieces, flower designs, outfits for the bridal party, finding the minister, the music, the food, seating arrangements, wedding size considerations, ceremony points, and much more!  You have a lot to think about and plan and your wedding planner will be your lifeline through it all. Cashmere Dreams of South Carolina has made our name helping brides and grooms plan the perfect wedding, and we want to do the same for you! No matter how big or small your final wedding is, once you have made these four crucial decisions, you will have the confidence you need to make the other decisions too-and we will be right here to help you every step of the way.



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