Buying engagement rings and wedding rings is an exciting time for any couple. However, like many aspects of the wedding  planning, it can also cause some stress and apprehension for the couple-to-be. Most couples spend at least 10% of their entire wedding budget on their rings and engagement rings can cost thousands of dollars as well. It is not a decision that should be made lightly and it is important to find the rings that are just right for your engagement as well as your wedding.  There is a lot to consider when it comes to finding the best possible ring set and many people simply do not know enough about jewelry in general or specifically diamonds to be able to make a smart and informed decision. This is where a wedding planner can help make sense of the confusing mess that is finding the perfect engagement or wedding ring. Cashmere Dreams has wedding coordinators and consultants who can help you find the best ring for the best person in your life. So, call us today to schedule your consultation appointment with our local wedding planning team. In the meantime, keep these simple yet important points in mind as you shop around for a diamond wedding ring or an engagement ring:


Understand The 4 C’s of a Diamond Wedding Ring

The first trick to understanding what you should be looking for in your diamond ring is understanding the 4 C’s of diamonds- carat, cut, color, and clarity.  Carat is, of course, the size and weight of the diamond and is the biggest factor people look at when choosing a diamond which is bad because they often overlook the other points. The cut of the diamond refers to the way the diamond has been shaped. Is it a princess cut or a simple cut or a cut that enhances the natural sparkle of a diamond? Color is the shade of the diamond Not all diamonds are clear/white and in fact, most diamonds have some degree of color to them. And finally, the clarity of the diamond refers to whether there are any imperfections visible in the diamond itself that detracts from its shine. With the 4 C’s in mind, you will be better prepared to find the diamond wedding ring that is just right!



Set Up a Personal Budget and Stick to It

It is vital to any successful wedding plan endeavor to have a firm and detailed budget in place before you begin looking at diamond engagement rings or wedding bands. There is no special price that you have to look for on a certain ring to make it special. There is no need to spends 6 months of paychecks on a ring if you can find something she will like just as much for half the price. Only you and your partner can determine what is best for you and what fits within your budget. While diamond a still considered a girl’s best friend, there are ways to get that beautiful ring without blowing your entire budget on those matching bands. Know your budget limits and stick to it. Working with a wedding planner canny help you navigate the jewelry dealers and can give you someone to help you stay on track with your budget.


Selecting Diamonds For Your Engagement Rings

When you begin the process of shopping around for your diamond rings be prepared to see a lot of diamonds and a lot of rings. Some couples today still go the traditional approach of having the man buy the rings. Some people still like the surprise factor of not knowing, but many women today also like having some control and input and appreciate being involved in the process. Whether you are shopping alone or together, it is absolutely necessary to make sure you visit reputable dealers and jewelers. Be on the lookout for imitation and defects in the diamonds you look at. Cashmere Dreams’ wedding planners have helped thousands of couples find the perfect rings and know what jewelers you can trust in the area and who to avoid. This is just another reason why having a local wedding expert on your side can be a true lifesaver!


Consider Diamond Wedding Ring Needs

Another thing to consider as you look at the various engagement rings and wedding rings at the jewelers is the wedding bands. When buying diamond for your rings you need to think about the band and how that will affect the size, placement, and appearance of the diamonds you are looking at. Keep in mind that many couples decide to have wedding bands that match and will often wear the diamond wedding ring and engagement ring together. Other times the engagement ring will be moved to another finger on the day of the wedding and the two will be worn separately.  When looking at the bands your engagement or wedding ring will have think about the colors, materials, size, and pricing points. It needs to look good with the diamond in place or it won’t be of much good to anyone.


These simple yet important tips can go a long way in reducing any confusion couples can face when trying to sort through the intimidating selection of diamonds available at most jewelers and diamond centers. Check out Cashmere Dreams today and let us help you with this all important part of your planning. No matter what your budget may be, our experts can help you find the diamond that is just right for you. So, call today to schedule your consultation appointment with our team and let us show you firsthand why more and more couples are coming to Cashmere Dreams for their wedding planning needs, from the diamond wedding ring search to the hunt for the perfect wedding dress! Call today to get started for yourself!