As you begin making plans for your wedding day, there is a lot that you will need to think long and hard about. There are also many decisions you and your significant other will have to make in the weeks and months leading up to your special day. One part of the wedding plans that many couples lave till the last minute because they have no idea what to do with it is the wedding registry.

Maybe you feel bad about asking friends and family for gifts or you simply have no idea what to include on your registry. Whatever the case may be, we here at Cashmere Dreams have helped many brides and grooms create a wedding registry that is just right for them and their needs as they begin their new life together. We can do the same for you as part of our wedding planning services. We can help you find the gifts that are right for you from many of the most common categories commonly seen on wedding registries, such as:


  • Bedding- beautiful quilts and sheets are always needed and can be a great gift that people can give you as a wedding gift as you start your new lives together.
  • Pillows- specialty pillows like memory foam or bamboo pillows are very popular these days and most couples love a few decorative pillows for the bed as well!
  • Furniture -it is ok to list a few big items on your registry so add in that dresser or cabinet or wardrobe you have your eye on and see what might happen.
  • Décor – you will want to find ways to make your bedroom yours so selecting some décor you both like can be a great way to fill your registry with things you want.


  • Appliances- every new couple needs the basics like a toaster, blender, and crockpot but also consider other things like juicers, can openers, and all the small things too.
  • Cookware- a kitchen that is going to be used needs the right tools so add cookware to your wedding registry and include spoons, cutting boards, and dish rags!
  • Food/Drink – it you or your soon to be spouse love to cook then consider adding things like spice sets, wine, and other quality food and drink items you can use.
  • Dishes/Glasses- once you cook your food you want to enjoy it in style so be sure to add dishes and glasses and serving dishes to your registry when setting it up.


  • Shave Kit- for the groom consider adding a good shake kit or a new luxury razor so that he can maintain his beard or clean-shaven look quickly and easily.
  • Showers- you can also add things to your registry that you can use in the shower- soap and bath bombs, luffa scrubs, and similar items commonly are on registries.
  • Storage- the bathroom can quickly get cluttered so any good registry list needs to have some storage units, shelves, or similar items on them to keep things in order!
  • Linens – towels and washcloths are a must for any bathroom and this is a good opportunity to get some nice ones that you can use in your new home.

Living Room

  • Furniture- there are many options available when it comes to furniture so think about the coffee tables, lamps, bookcases, storage hooks, and other items you may want.
  • Rugs- many living rooms have hard floors these days and an area rug can be a great addition to your space and they also are great to add to your wedding registry!
  • TVs- there is an endless array of TVs available today so the sky is the limit and you have many options to consider when choosing to include it on your wish list.
  • Game Systems- guys and gals alike are starting to be involved in the gamer scene so a new PlayStation or Xbox system to your wedding registry is a valid option too.

Dining Room

  • Tables- no dining room is complete without a good table as the centerpiece and many couples today include this key piece of furniture on their wedding gift ist too!
  • Chairs- with the table comes the chairs so be sure to add them to your registry as well to complete the look and feel of your new dining room space in your new home.
  • Serving Trays- if you are a couple who likes to have friends over then consider adding some nice serving trays and guest serving ware to your wish list as well.
  • Silverware – this is actually one of the most common items added to a wedding wish list and it is often how new couples get their nice set of silver wear that they use.


  • Organization- closets can become a black hole for junk and clutter so fight that from the very start and add some storage items to your list before you are even married.
  • Keepsakes- most couples like keepsakes that help them remember their special day or that symbolize them and their love in some way so keep your eye open for them.
  • Hampers- seems simple and basic, but you will need hampers so be sure to add them, and there are some very nice fancy hampers too choose from as well!
  • Clothes- while you many not as for clothes specifically you can ask for things like hangers, shoe racks, jewelry cases, and other things to use with your clothes.


  • Picture Frames- you likely already have some favorite photos of the two of you and you will have more from the wedding so be sure you get some frames on your list.
  • Books- this will be a no-brainers for any bookworms but even if reading isn’t your favorite hobby, having some around the house is always a good idea for a rainy day.
  • Games- entertaining family and friends who come to visit is always a lot of fun, so find some of your favorite games and add them to your wedding registry wish list.
  • Photo Albums- you will be making memories for years to come so make sure you can start saving them right away by having photo albums on your wedding registry!

For even more ideas on what to add to your wedding registry and to get insider help with your wedding planning needs, contact us today here at Cashmere Dreams. We are ready to help you so call for a consultation appointment today!