Low-Stress First Birthday Party

first birthday celebration

Birthdays are a fun time for kids and there are few milestones as memorable as the First Birthday. It is a celebration of not just the little one but of the mother and father and the rest of the family members who have helped raise the little one. It is a celebration of everyone as […]

Forgotten Party Etiquette for Being At Someone’s House

party etiquette

You might think you are the perfect party guest and that you fully remember all of the proper party manners you should be utilizing. However, most people have forgotten at least some of these party etiquette rules for when you’re a guest at someone’s gathering. It is important to be respectful and thoughtful and be […]

How To Throw an Employee Appreciation Picnic

Employee appreciation picnic

Tired of all the meetings and corporate events being held in cold unformattable cubicles and conference rooms? Ready to make things new and exciting in your office and to give your employees a break and a chance to have fun? An employee appreciation picnic may be just what you have been looking for. Hosting the […]

Find Sexy Party Dresses For Your Event

party dresses

There is an ever-growing variety of sexy party dresses in a range of styles that are becoming popular fashion trends and a large part of this is because many of the new dresses are being designed so they can be worn in so many ways and adjusted to match many fashion flares and likes. There […]